Long Time No See

Apparently blogging is not my forte. Sorry it’s been so long, guys! Life has been crazy hectic lately. I’m gonna give you a brief run down of everything I’ve been up to, so this post will probably be pretty long.

First, boyfriend and I went back east in August for his brother’s wedding. My healthy eating went out the window as we indulged in pizza and lobster rolls.

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We spent a day in NYC just exploring and enjoying some alone time together (he has a very big family, it’s hard to find time to escape!) We visited the World Trade Center memorial, had lunch in China Town, and walked our calories off in Central Park.

I highly recommend visiting Ice &Vice if you’re ever in the city. It’s a boutique experimental ice cream shop and it is to die for.



Dress & Shoes from Charlotte Russe

Got back from the east coast then immediately hit the road to spend Labor Day weekend in Boise with my mom and sister. It was nice to be back home, even if it was only for a couple days.

Now I’m back in Vegas and things are not slowing down. My brother got home from the Army just in time for my nephew’s birth, and I’ve been so busy preparing for our trip to Napa for my and Justin’s birthdays. The most exciting part is outfit planning! I’ve got some really cute pieces that I’ll share in a later post.

I can’t believe it’s already September, but the Autumn months are my favorite so I’m welcoming it with open arms.

How is everyone celebrating Summer’s end and welcoming the new season?

xoxo – Ashley



Well it’s over 100 degrees and miserably windy here in Las Vegas today, and all I can think about is hopping on the next plane to… anywhere, really.

The boyfriend and I are heading back east next month for his brother’s wedding. I’ve talked him into taking me to Boston for a day. My excitement is through the roof! (Also, can we please talk about how cozy my desk is? The candle is from Bath and Body Works, it’s White Barn’s Honeysuckle. Love.)

We’re also trying to plan a birthday getaway (our birthdays are a day apart, I’m October 5th, he’s the 6th). I’m desperately hoping for a tropical beach vacation, but at this point I’ll be happy just to get out of Vegas.

I’ve been lucky enough to take a trip every month of this year. So far I’ve hit Denver, Ireland, Houston, Los Angeles, Reno, and Reno again (hey, it counts!).

Where are your favorite places to travel? Does anyone have any exciting trips planned? Tell me all about it 🙂

XOXO – Ashley

It’s Not “Black vs. Blue”

At least it shouldn’t be.

I understand the potential backlash for one of my very first posts being on such a divisive topic. A lot of people feel very passionately one way or the other about the Black Lives Matter movement. And they should. It’s an important topic, one that deserves attention and conversation. As Americans, we must band together to fight the injustice that takes place against any group, whether it be race, or ethnicity, or religion, or profession. But the critical thing is that we do it together.

There are a lot of statistics that backup every side of this argument. But I’m not going to talk about statistics, because in my experience most people have a very emotional response to this topic. And that’s exactly how it should be. Statistics show numbers, and we’re not numbers, we’re people.

These are my uncles. They are both police officers. Like the vast majority of police officers in the United States, neither of them has ever beaten anyone, discriminated against anyone, targeted anyone, or killed anyone. They’ve each worked and patrolled in predominantly Black, Hispanic, Asian, you-name-it communities and never once had an issue with any of the citizens they are sworn to protect.

I’ve never been male and I’ve never been Black and I’ve certainly never been both, so I realize the irony in me writing about this issue. What does a white female who was born and raised in Idaho know about Black Lives Matter?

Well, I know this:

I know that all lives matter. And I know that the Black Lives Matter movement is bringing light to the fact that the institutions in our nation have rarely acted as such. I empathize with the organizers and protesters, and I support their agenda to make America a truly equal nation.

I know that this is my country, and my fellow citizens are hurting. It doesn’t matter that I’m white and they’re Black, Hispanic, Muslim, and Asian. It doesn’t matter that I’m not religious, and they’re devout Catholics, Mormons, Christians, and Hindus. If one of us hurts, we all hurt.

To me, this whole thing is not about Black vs White, or Cops vs Citizens. It’s about good vs evil. There is good and there is evil in every grouping of people. After the shootings in Dallas, I saw Black Lives Matter protesters band together to help the police and offer them comfort. In the wake of Ferguson, I saw police officers helping store owners pick up the pieces of shattered store fronts that had been burned and looted during the riots.

Here in my own city, a peaceful and cooperative protest was held, where Black Lives Matter activists walked shoulder to shoulder with members of our police department. They had open dialogue and communication and they were working to understand each other. At the end of the evening, as officers were directing traffic so the protesters could make it home safely, a single group of about 15 individuals started destroying property and hurling water bottles and insults at the police. Which part of the protest do you think made the news?

I think the most important thing to remember through all of this is that we are all in it together. You can be a part of the BLM movement and still respect and support our law enforcement officers. You can have the utmost respect for law enforcement and still demand that their tactics and practices be improved. Don’t be divided by “Black vs. Blue”. Neither group is going away, so it’s better to collaborate than it is to incite conflict.

“Too often we judge other groups by their worst examples by judging ourselves by our best intentions.” – President George W. Bush


Well, Hello!

If you’re reading this, thank you. And I apologize, this is my first journey into the world of blogging so bear with me. I’ll try not to ramble.


My name is Ashley. I’m 22 and live in Las Vegas. I graduated from the University of Nevada Reno (Go Wolf Pack!) with a degree in Psychology. I have a Corgi named Ellie, 4 best friends, and a boyfriend. I have a great big family (8 brothers and sisters!!) and a passion for travel and adventure.

My blog is my outlet for various topics: home improvement, current events, health and wellness, beauty tips, travel, and whatever else seems interesting at the moment.I hope you enjoy reading and getting to know me. Say hi, we might become friends!

XOXO – Ashley